For Monday (10 AM)

Okay everyone!  This has been kind of a whirlwind!

We have our last meeting on Monday at 10 am.  I’ll resend the link to the meeting on Sunday

For Monday, please

  1. Please read your colleagues’ blog posts on research.  They are delightful.  If you have not posted, please do so now!
  2. Clone the Open Lab Site. I want everyone to try it, even if you decide not to use it.  Just to see what the site is like and what’s on there.  Here is the link to the materials: This site is “the hub,” meaning the hub for the FYW Model Courses. This is where you will find the model course link and info about cloning, etc…

If you need help:

(There is also other help here under “technical help!” if you need help with writing a blog or editing a page)

3. Play around on there.  Look at what is on your new site. Much of the material is already uploaded for you.

4.. Decide if you want to use Open Lab or Blackboard as your MAIN site.

5. On your MAIN Site– the one students will go to to find homework, syllabus, course schedule, etc…, upload:

  • your personalized syllabus,
  • the announcement for the first week, and
  • the major essay assignments

please note: these are all already entered into the Model Course– and will be entered into your cloned course.  You will just need to personalize them if you want to make changes.  (For help editing a page, please see:

6. Send me a link to your Open Lab site at  For Blackboard, you will need to invite me to be a TA (I am getting instructions about how to do this.).  EVEN IF YOU ARE USING BLACKBOARD, please email me the link to your cloned OpenLab site (See Step 2!)

Edit: For Blackboard, I can’t actually figure out how to add TA’s and BB support is not getting back to me (I recall this was pretty glitchy in the spring) so for now, if you are planning on using BB, please just email me the bullet pointed documents above.

See you Monday!


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