Getting ready for Weds, Aug 5

Hi everyone!  Remember that our first meeting is Weds Aug 5 at 10 AM– I sent you a zoom link, but prefer not to post it publicly, so if you’ve misplaced the email (look, we’ve all done it!) you can email me at:, and I will send it again no problem.

We will also meet Thursday, Aug 6 at 1:30 PM and Monday Aug 10 at 10 AM.

If you haven’t already, please do the blog post assignment described below, in my previous post.  If you don’t know how to post a blog on Open Lab, you will first need to be signed in to this site (you will have to accept my invitation to join) and then follow these directions:

You will be asked to choose a category. Please choose “summer institute.”

Lastly, it seems we have finally finished our Model Site!  We’ll be going over this together on Weds, but you may want to take a look around the “hub” :, which explains how the project works.

  • Under the 1101 dropdown menu, in “materials and site links” you will see a link to a Google Drive folder.  Please download this file, which has all the curricular materials for the course. Again, we will be going over this on Weds, but if you want to look over them, go ahead!

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