Kieran Reichert FINAL 1121 Portfolio

Final Portfolio – due XX/XX @ 11:59 PM on Blackboard

The final portfolio assignment asks you all to accomplish three tasks. 1) It asks students to revise their selected work over the course of the semester. In so doing, it asks students to offer reflective remarks concerning each piece that describe the process and the evolution of the project over the course of the semester. 2) In addition to the revision and reflections of the individual essay projects, you will also write a narrative that explains your evolution as a reader and writer over the course of the semester. This narrative asks students to return to the first assignment they wrote for the class (the discourse community project) and compare how their thoughts about writing and their practices about writing have evolved over the course of the semester. It is important to note that you should not simply state that your writing has changed over the course of the semester, but you should be able to specifically describe with sufficient detail particular moments in your assignments and in the semester where you could substantiate how their own growth was taking place. 3) Lastly, the assignment should also ask students to consider how this course has prepared them for transfer—that is, for writing in other contexts.

The contents of your portfolios should be as follows:

  • *Revised* Discourse Community Essay + Reflection
  • *Revised* Research Proposal/Annotated Bibliography + Reflection
  • Reflection of Multimodal Translation Project
  • Reflection on who you are as a writer now, after a semester of writing in ENG1121 (1000 words)

These portfolios should include each of these essays/reflections in a single document that you will turn in via Blackboard by 11:59 PM on Friday 5/15.

Prompts for Final Course Reflection:

Think back to yourself in January, before COVID, before we did anything together in class. What would you have thought of as your strengths as a writer? Weaknesses? How did those aspects change over the course of the semester? You should refer to specific challenges you faced while writing, specific things you learned in and out of class with me, and the effects of those challenges and learning moments. How do you feel as a writer now? How might what you’ve learned in this class TRANSFER into other areas of your life? (Again, this should be at least 1000 words)

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