RGarcia Final 1121 Unit 3 Multimodal Repurposing Assignment

Prof. Garcia

ENG 1121, semester ???

Unit 3: Multimodal Repurposing Assignment

Due: ?/?/20


In the conclusion of your annotated bibliography you identified a discourse community that you think would benefit from your research. You also thought about why and how that community would benefit from your research.

Now for this assignment you will repurpose the information you learned from your research and present it in another medium. This medium should be the one you think will best convey your information to the specific audience you have chosen. Your final product should go beyond the written word and communicate using other modes of communication.

Examples of modes you might choose: TedTalk, audio Podcast, YouTube video, song lyrics, Wikipedia entry, video or graphic essay, blog, informational brochure, short movie, or play.

Notes: This project asks you to write in a new way, but you must still turn in a written component. For example, if you put together a TedTalk, podcast, or video of some sort, you can turn in the transcript you developed.

Due Dates

??/??/??: Hand in a one-page plan for your project. Here you should do the following:

  • Tell me the mode you selected for presenting your information and why you feel this is the appropriate mode. Also, tell me what you hope to accomplish with your piece (persuade, inform, something else).
  • Tell me about the mode in which you will compose. For example, what do you see as the main elements or features of this genre, including the length, tone, format, organization, desired effect on the audience, and other key features? Make a list and describe each element in a few sentences.
  • Tell me about how you will go about composing your piece. For example: What technologies will you use? What information will you include in your final product? How will you organize it?

??/??/??: Bring in a fully drafted version of your project for peer review

??/??/??: Unit 3 project due. On this day you should also come prepared to write an in-class reflection on your project. You will be asked to write about the choices you made, the process you undertook, what you learned, and how you will use this experience/information in future classes.

How will this be graded?

  • Careful and thorough thinking: The new media piece you produce should be similar to other pieces in the media you chose to work with, be polished/finished looking, and thorough. Note: There is no particular word count for your assignment as the length will be determined by the genre in which you chose to work.
  • Audience: The audience you chose should make sense for your topic. Also, the genre you chose to work in and the choices you made when composing should be appropriate for your chosen audience.
  • Repurposing: The new genre piece you produce should use the research from your annotated bibliography and be related to your research question.
  • Timeliness: Your project should be on time.


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