1101 Units 2 and 3-Draft Due May 4

Look HERE for some tips and quite a few examples of Units 2 and 3 for 1101.

  • Make sure you review the unit descriptions of Units 2 and 3 in prior blog posts.
  • Drafts of these assignments are due on the Open Lab on May 4. You can post them together, and just click both categories: 1101 Unit 2 and 1101 Unit 3.
  • There will be an optional Zoom meeting on Thursday, April 30 at 3 pm (link at the bottom of this page) to talk about Units 2 and 3.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday April 30: Optional Zoom meeting to discuss 1101 Units 2 and 3
  • Monday May 4: Deadline for posting 1101 Units 2 and 3.
  • Monday May 11: Deadline for Commenting on partners’ Units (same partners as before.)
  • Thursday May 14: By noon, post a draft of a final portfolio assignment (with reflection) for 1101. This is the assignment as you would give it to students. 3 PM ZOOM MEETING!
  • Thursday, May 28: The final syllabi, and all unit assignments for 1101 and 1121 are due. Please note: final syllabi do not need to include the whole schedule for courses–they will include all your course goals and policies.
  • Thursday, May 28: Student grades due. All portfolios uploaded to the PD Dropbox folder (I will provide link shortly)



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