Low Stakes Genre Assignments-Patrick Redmond

To teach genre I was thinking about having an assignment with two parts: first the  students would choose  a genre that they are familiar with and write about the core rules and rhetorical strategies of the genre, and who the desired audience is. After they have solidified their set of rules, I would then have them analyze a work of art in the genre of their choosing through the rules that they have written.

The second part of the assignment would be for them to locate a parody of the genre they are choosing, and have them write about the parody and whether it adheres to or plays with the rules of the genre that they had established previously. After they have analyzed this, then they will be asked about  the effects that the parody has on the desired audience.

I did something similar at the beginning of our multi-modal composition unit on the discussion board this semester after instruction began online and the students seemed to understand and respond well. Since this was successful I think it could be easily done through online platforms.

One thought on “Low Stakes Genre Assignments-Patrick Redmond

  1. Josh Borja

    Hi, Patrick! Long time no see, on either campus ~ ~ ~

    Wow, I really like the idea of locating a parody of a chosen genre as the essay unit progresses. This would really help defamiliarize some familiar genres and give students a sense of what genre conventions are so common(place) that we don’t readily think of them as choices. Your idea might link really well with what Jody or Rebekah had just brought up in our recent Zoom discussion about movie trailers that repitch movies as different film genres.

    Yes, I also found myself starting the Repurpose with Persuasion unit with low-stakes assignments that analyze rhetorical situation and genre conventions. I am curious how it will look as we experiment with expanding rhetorical situation and genre conventions into its own full genre-based research unit for 1101!

    I hope you’re doing alright, all things considered! Best wishes for a safe, healthy, and peaceful week,

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