Revised Memorial/Commemoration Genre Assignment for ENG 1101

Title of assignment: Who Deserves to be Remembered, and Why?

Readings: TBA

Rhetorical Situation 
Why are some of our cultural and historical figures celebrated, while others are overlooked? In this assignment, you’ll pick someone who you feel has been overlooked by history, and you’ll design a means of celebrating their life through a public memorial or multimedia genre. Why does this person deserve to be added to the annals of history, and why have they not been sufficiently recognized until now?

Genre Description 
In this assignment, you’ll pick a genre with which to memorialize your figure publicly and to an audience who will appreciate this gesture. Pick a genre that makes sense for your goals, and appeals to the audience you have chosen: you could propose a public architectural memorial, you could create a museum or institution of remembering, or you could create a commemorative music album, podcast, tribute essay, website, or other digital space to encourage remembering. Please be creative and the sky is the limit — even Twitter accounts can be rhetorically effective ways of remembering someone and celebrating their contributions!
You may work individually or in groups of up to three people. There will be time in class to discuss your ideas and self-select groupings if desired.

Components of Assignment:
1. Pick a topic, propose person to commemorate/memorialize. Write 1-2 page project proposal justifying this choice and asking research questions/brainstorming possible arenas for research to explore.
2. Pick a genre, research the genre, pick a mentor text. Analyze mentor text in class for rhetorical components, do some low-stakes analytical writing about the genre.
3. Conduct primary and/or secondary source research, report back on preliminary findings in low-stakes writing.
4. Draft memorial/commemorative genre, present genres in progress to class, get feedback
5. Revise and finalize Commemorative Genre, and submit Genre Reflection, in which you address:
— why did you choose this genre? What audience were you trying to reach, and why did this genre make sense?
— what was your mentor text and what did you learn from it about rhetorical moves that work in this genre? What were some generic features that you incorporated into your genre?
— what do you think was most successful about your creation of this genre? What was a challenge, and why?

Learning Outcomes that This Assignment Addresses:
1. Read and listen critically and analytically in a variety of genres and rhetorical situations
2. Adapt to and compose in a variety of genres
3. Use research as a process of inquiry and engagement with multiple perspectives
6. Compose in 21st Century Environments

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