Compiling a List of Genres

Hi Folks,

So I’m working on compiling a list of usable, visible, practical genres for our students. I’d appreciate if you’d add any you can think of in the comments.


Spotify “About the Artists
Police Blotter  Brooklyn Daily
Death Announcements
Urban dictionary entries and Sample Sentences
Mug writing
SNL Weekend Update Jokes
Movie/Show synopsis (NYT Watching)
You Write the Cartoon Caption
Questions and Answers to Judge John Hodgson (A Twist on the Advice Column)


New York Times Best of Late Night
New York Times Morning Briefings
Book Back Cover Copy
Time Out New York News
Our Favorite Songs Playlist

Game Guides and Walkthroughs
Band Interviews 


2 thoughts on “Compiling a List of Genres

  1. Kim

    Here are the genres that my students and I came up during our crazy “Name Every Kind of Genre You’ve Encountered that You Can Think of” brainstorm:

    Books – nonfiction, biographies, supernatural (horror), fiction, romantic, tragedy, law/procedural

    Comedy – movies, fantasy, romantic comedy, dramas, mystery, horror, thriller, suspense,

    Music – rap, hip hop, reggae, soca, dance hall, bachata, pop, classical, rock, gospel, soul,

    Painting, sculpture, graffiti, pottery, ceramics, photography, animation, podcasts, audiobooks

    Advertisements, marketing, fashion show,

    Sports commentary, ESPN Sports Center, poetry, text messages, email, cover letter, resume, formal essay (academic essay), formal letter – to a professor, a boss, powerpoint presentation,

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