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  1. Robert Lestón Post author

    In thinking about how to parse 1101 and 1121 out from each other, I’m thinking that one key difference may be how we talk about genre in each one of the course, with academic/disciplinary genres taking being the introductory information for ENG 1101. What typical academic genres are you likely to encounter in your studies at City Tech? Do an analysis/ethnography/interviews about what these genres look like. We might be able to formulate some kind of working group to assist in this with the future with WAC and the Associate Director that could inform comp 1. 1121, then, would have more of a focus concentrated on Civic and Workplace writing where students did genre analysis and genre composition for actual documents that exist in the public sphere.

    This is where I am now:
    Comp 1:

    1. Literacy Narrative
    2. Academic Genre Awareness
    a. Analysis and working through different academic genres and discourse communities.
    3. Research project
    b. Drawing upon the analysis in Unit 2, write a research project in a discipline of your choosing that adheres to that particular genre convention.

    Comp 2:
    1. Source based article on genre, audience, and rhetorical situation.
    2. Exploratory research essay on a civic or workplace issue.
    3. Repurposing research essay into a multimodal work.

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