How have you been pacing your FYW assignments?

Now that we have moved to online instruction, some big questions that arise have to do with pacing.

For instance, if you assign weekly asynchronous activities for your students to complete, what do you consider feasible? An individual blog post in response to a reading or a writing prompt, and then a reply to 2 students’ blog posts? A written or video reflection? Both? Something else? (Note, if you follow a different deadline schedule, whether longer or shorter than a week, adjust your answer to that timeline)

Furthermore, given the situation we are in, we have to be flexible with deadlines, but how flexible? A few days? A week? More? Share how you deal with students who are not submitting work by your indicated deadlines?

The comments section below will serve as the discussion forum to this topic of pacing. This is a public forum, so anyone will be able to read your comments. Also, you can comment below without having to log in. We invite you to share your input. Thanks in advance!


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