Here’s a video I made to help you understand the pedagogical arc of the course:

Some tips about the weekly schedule:

  • Post the assignments for the upcoming week on your site at beginning of the week.  You may also want to post a more general unit or semester schedule.  The weekly schedule we’ve provided is quite detailed. 
  • This is meant as a guideline for you.  You are welcome to change things as you see fit, as long as your changes fit with the student learning outcomes and rules of the department
  • Please do not distribute this to students all at once– it would be overwhelming! We suggest giving them assignments weekly, with perhaps a unit-by unit overview.
  • We have chosen two due dates a week as a kindness to you and your students, who will likely be overwhelmed with the fast pace of online courses.
  • You will see each week, the deadlines are listed as “end of day due date one” and “end of day due date two.” You will need to decide what time end-of-day is, and which days “due date one” and “two” are.  Please change this wording in your own correspondence with students to reflect actual days and times.
  • The Office of First Year Writing will be holding weekly Zoom Office Hours (Hours TBA). We will be holding special sessions to talk particularly about each unit a few weeks before they arise!
  • Please keep an eye on the FYW blog for further videos on topics that may be of interest, like grammar, commenting on student papers, teaching reading online, building community, etc…