Hi! Welcome to the Mainstream 1101 Model Course. This is the basic model course, which uses a diverse group of readings and assignments to help students to develop their writing voice and skill. Each unit is well scaffolded and builds upon the last unit, culminating in a final portfolio and reflection.

To teach the course you will first need:

This provides suggested assignments, readings as well as suggestions for daily homework and in-class activities for the entire 30-class semester.  Everything on this outline is a suggestion and is there to help make your life easier! Feel free to adjust as you see fit, as long as changes work with the English department’s learning outcomes.  You will also need to use the: 1101 Syllabus Template, which is a requirement of all ENG 1101 courses at City Tech, whether you are using the Model Syllabus or not.  (Please also  note that these documents are read-only, but if you make a copy, you will be able to edit that copy.)

We also have two cloneable sites for you:

These are sites set up for use with the model courses. They have the syllabus, worksheets,  presentations and major assignments entered in. They’re formatted for easy use with the model courses.

This site, The Model Course Hub, has a number of resources you may find useful, including: