Downloading Materials

Step 1: Get your materials: This Google Drive folder has the course outline, which includes the entire semester plan for (including lesson plans) for the course.  It also includes all assignment sheets, the syllabus and the weekly course schedule for students.   

You can adapt these documents to  your own needs, as long as they adhere to City Tech’s student learning outcomes.

Step 2: Clone the course:  HERE is a link to the Course Profile, from which you can clone the site.

If you’re having trouble with this step, see our HELP PAGE ON CLONING COURSES.

Step 3:  Now head over to 1121 overview to get a feel for the overall curriculum, and get some ideas for getting started!  

Please note: While we have put a great deal of work into these Open Lab sites in the hopes they will be useful for you, and many of the materials are already entered, the curriculum is mobile, meaning: you can use it on Blackboard, or you can use it on your own site, if you’re adept at Open Lab