Dear Instructors,

The semester schedule and the accompanying assignments linked to below have been specifically designed for teaching English 1101. We encourage you to use the documents in whichever way is most helpful: use them in their entirety by cloning the ENG 1101 Core Books Model Course on the OpenLab or copying the materials into a Blackboard site, pluck out certain units, or adapt the exercises to fit with your existing syllabus. These materials incorporate ideas from both the Core Books at CUNY curriculum and the English Department’s First-Year Writing curriculum, as well as distance education and continuity best practices.

Review the Core Books 1101 materials on the ENG 1101 Core Books Model Course.  It includes the following:

The model course includes suggested materials, ideas, and prompts that can be used to create your weekly agendas and lessons to facilitate the planning of class sessions and writing assignments. These materials have been revised to allow greater flexibility for a variety of teaching modalities.  

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about Core Books at CUNY curriculum or these materials.

Ruth Garcia 

Suzanne M. Miller

Core Books at CUNY Campus PIs