The “Co” in English 1101Co stands for corequisite, and means that alongside English 1101 we dedicate time to building vocabulary and critical reading skills, scaffolding writing assignments, understanding clear sentence structure, and developing habits for collegiate success. Students in this course have a proficiency index score under 64.

Like Mainstream English 1101, the co-req curriculum is made up of three units, each building on skills learned in the previous. The Weekly Schedule includes a syllabus with course readings and activities. Feel free to tweak this syllabus or use your own, but please stick to the three units: Education Narrative, Reflective Annotated Bibliography (RAB), and Genre Determination. Also, everyone teaching 1101Co should use the same grading breakdown and the major assignments: Education Narrative, RAB, the Genre Determination assignment, and the final reflection. Be sure to use a diagnostic assignment at the beginning of the semester, and we strongly encourage you to assign a final portfolio.

The Course Overview and Policies provides important information for students. If you want to use your own, it is required that you include the English 1101 Course Specific Learning Outcomes, the Diversity and Inclusive Education Syllabus Statement, the Accessibility Statement, and the New York City College of Technology Policy on Academic Integrity.

We have two cloneable sites for you:

These are sites include the syllabus, worksheets, presentations and major assignments entered in. However, you will want to add information specific to your course and the semester.

Our ENG 1101Co Team Resources Site has useful resources including recordings of and materials from the Best Practices Workshops. Workshop topics include Reflective Annotated Bibliography, Portfolio, Sentence Mastery, and more.

This site, The Model Course Hub, has a number of resources you may find useful, including: