HW 4: Food and Status in History

I believe food has become a significant part of people’s lives and it helps in bringing them together. Food promotes diversity and tolerance because it is a universal language that brings all different cultures close. Therefore, dining is an important part of any event such as weddings, birthday celebrations, business meetings, and even everyday family dinners. Especially nowadays, it has become a tradition that gives us the opportunity to gather, share, connect with other people and present ourselves to them over¬†food. The preparation of food also helps bring people together and it is¬†often one of the traditional experiences that bind family generations together.image

HW #3 Photographing the Texture of Food

One of the first things that you should consider when you shoot the food is that beauty is in the details.Texture plays very important rule in food photography.It impact the way food looks or tastes. I think that,People are incredibly sensitive to texture.What can texture do for a food photo? Texture can do a lot for a food photo. When we look a t food pictures. A textured background can be an important element of the overall image in food photography.Texture can enhance the quality of the image, provide it with a feeling of age, and make it interesting.

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Ahmet D. Homework #3

When the texture of food comes out, there are color, size, presentation, taste and so many other things. Texture of food reminds me a eggplant all the time, eggplant can be used for the most rich dishes, it taste very rich when it cooks. People usually put some salt on it before they cook it to lower the amount of fat absorb during cooking. A couple weeks ago, me and my classmates prepared an eggplant dish, and I’ve heard from some students that they never liked the eggplant before. Once we finished the cooking, it was the time for tasting. All the dishes looked very tasty. We all tasted our dish and everybody liked it. The taste, the feeling in the mouth, the presentation was perfect.



HW 3: Photographing Texture in Food

Food photography is all about texture and color. It is crucial to have a nice “feel” when looking at the image. The human eye can look at something and see details that the camera most likely can not capture so the photographer must use lighting to bring out the texture in order to make the dish look appeling and inviting. This is a picture of a Greek Moussaka – an eggplant-based dish, often including ground beef and tomatoes with cheese on top. My friend and I took this photograph while attending Smogasburg food market in Industry City Studios in Sunset Park. Moussaka has a delicious taste to it. Very tender, juicy and smooth. Grilled cheese and tomatos on top make the dish very appertizing.¬†FullSizeRender (3)



  • I think texture adds versatility to food and photography. It expands the creative level of a simple dish. I chose to present a simple pan fried eggplant that I made in my Culinary Arts 1 class two weeks ago. It advances the level of skill to a simple and inexpensive vegetable, by coating with layers of texture such as the smooth coating of flour, followed by a coating of thick egg wash, and then a layer of bread crumbs for a crispy , cromby and coarse exterior. Texture also aids to the appeal of the eye. By adding a variety of different textures to a plate, it helps to be photographed well.image

Ganessha Zubieta: Food Photography

Photography is one top of technology that have been for a while in any aspect but more in “FOOD”. Now in this day,¬†We see a lot of people in restaurant or anyplace that¬†we see food¬†taking picture with their phone or camera of their food for 2 reason: One just because they want take it¬†and post. Others because they see something special or something that¬†they catch their eyes want to see others what they see. For me, taking picture is fine because I not one of those people¬†that take picture of every meals they eat. Sometime, when I order something and the plate surprise me I will posts because what I see have a inspiration and probably will also see¬†something that I like in the picture. it’s hard sometime people like or put a comment¬†on the¬†post you put of your¬†food because¬†sometime people don’t like the picture just because the posture of the picture make the food look ugly or they don’t see attraction of the food. Also, now in this day has became very common taking picture of food because today world people are more interest in food, look and texture.

Food Photography


What‚Äôs a better way to engage in conversation but to share what you’re about to eat. It’s that one thing that everyone knows, food. In the digital age that we live in, sometimes, pictures and videos can say so much more, opposed to just talking. Sharing a picture of the brunch you had with a group of friends puts a timestamp on that moment, leaving you to remember that day and all of its glory or even faults.¬†I love seeing what my friends post especially when it‚Äôs of a meal from a random place I‚Äôve never been to. Most of my adventures revolve around a new restaurant that someone posted a picture of on some sort of social media and I know I‚Äôm not the only person that runs their lives around good people and food. Photography of food pushes chefs and those involved in any meal to make sure that it will look as good as it will taste. And that‚Äôs an innovation that I keep¬†enjoying.


I would like to share my brunch from earlier today. Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon on an english muffin along side home fries and a sliced tomato at The Astor Room in Kauffman Studios Astoria.

IMG_5552 (1)

-Peter Tapia.

Arth1100: Homework #1 . Food photography,

Nowadays¬†social media has become a part of everyone‚Äôs life and it is something that influences their daily life. ¬†People like to share everything.In the article “First Camera, Then Fork” author Kate Murphy states that, “Today, people are showing the world what they eat by photographing every meal,”¬†I think it is because photographing food has become very trendy in recent times.I can truly agree with Mr. Rosenberg opinion that ” photographing food is a more accurate way to document life,‚ÄĚ Some of our most memorable moments happen around food .I like to take picture of my food to remember what I’ve eaten.¬†The fashion for photographing food started with the era of social networking, such us Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. In the old days people used to pray¬†before each meal. However ,times changed. Nowadays, the ritual has been replaced by another .Trend¬†for taking pictures in restaurants mastered all . Before we reach the fork, we pull out your smartphone and try to capture as the most beautiful frame from our plate .Every day through Instagram , Facebook, Twitter to network gets thousands of pictures of food.There are many reasons why people are posting their food in the internet. At the forefront is the desire to show off what currently is on our plates – regardless of whether they have prepared delicacies ,whether it served to us in a trendy restaurant .

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Tiffany Alphonso: Food Photography

Firstly, I would like to mention that food is life. Food is a language used to unite  different cultures and for recreational purposes. Most people choose  to enjoy the company of friends and family or celebrate special occasions by dining out, so what better way to share your experiences than a photographic memory . I think taking pictures of food creates an illusion that one is having or has a spectacular life. Also it gives the audience of people looking at your photos an intimate feel of who you are. Taking pictures of foods and events are usually done so that one can look back and appreciate good times and also to cherish fulfilling moments. Photographs of food is also a great way to advertise the skill and creativity of the person that prepared and cooked it. Nowadays, people seem to be intrigued by the idea of trying new food trends and exotic foods, so snapping a picture to share will always be helpful to the viewers .

Baked potatoes, steamed vegetables, garlic shrimp and fresh salad ... Made at home 😊

Baked potatoes, steamed vegetables, garlic shrimp and fresh salad … Made at home 😊