Homework #8 Capa: big fat phony?

The infamous photograph of the fallen soldier during the spanish civil war has raised many questions of authenticity. According to Richard Whelan, he claims that some may argue that the photograph is in fact a fake. While others would argue that it is indeed a factual photograph. In the article Whelen brings about possible scenarios that could have taken place before, during, and after the picture was taken. While the arguments may be convincing and even questionable, i honestly do not think it matters if the photograph was a fake or not. It wouldn’t be the first time a photograph is staged. Photographers have been doing it for years and still do. During this time, this photograph was so necessary. It was an “inside look” into what war was. It was an eye opener for many. These people during this time have never seen anything like it and it truly became a phenomenon. A part of me wants to believe that the photograph was staged but the other part of me doesn’t think it should matter if it was or wasn’t. The photograph did exactly what it was suppose to; show something that no one else could see unless they were there. The article had some supporting evidence of authenticity but even some of the evidence was questionable. We will NEVER know.

Homework #9

Robert Frank’s photographs weren’t among those that many others would consider art. His photographs were very simple. They captured every day life in the 1950s. Compared to other artists, it lacked excitement and spark. Honestly, who would be interested in a photo of men sitting at a pharmacy? However, as one looks through his photographs, you realize that there’s more to them than expected. At first glance, it’s just a photo of a bus with people on it, but then you realize the color of their skin and the division on the bus. Even if it isn’t as strong as Capa’s photographs, it still sends a clear message about America. I find that Frank’s work is artistic. Art has a different meaning to every individual, and I think being simple is artistic. Why not let people think? A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?

Erdem U. HW #9

After watched the videoclip, I don’t think Robert Frank’s photos are artistic. It includes 83 simple, basic photos. His theme on his work only African and white people. I believe its kind of political. However, i really enjoyed when i was looking his photos. We can understand that how American’s view changed since that time, his photos and his style inspired many photographers. He made his photos beautiful, if you can only understand what his mean. 

Ahmet D. HW #9

After I watched the video, I do not think Robert Frank’s photographs are artistic at all. He captured so many Americans with no political message. All he had done is photograph people the way they are, without changing or staging anything. Very pure photographs of the Americans. Maybe, Robert Frank didn’t find any happy person to photograph or people were really struggling back in the days. He just did what he loved to do, capture streets, people and understand the Americans. I found Robert Frank is a unique photographer with a pure style.

Homework #9


Robert Frank’s photographs can come off as bleak but in my opinion they are artistic.Frank took photos of what he taught showed how the world is. Whether it was dealing with race and political values it showed us the exact expression upon ones face in that moment.Franks photographs were not staged and it was capturing everyday , and that it was makes it artistic to me.His photos are not the everyday photographs you notice for photographers take , so that makes him different and artistic in his own way.

homework #9

I think Robert Frank’s photographs are artistic yet simple. The idea of him capturing photographs from his view doesn’t surprise me. The way most photographs are taken are based on how the photographer wants you to view it. His photos have an artistic theme because he’s telling a story throughout each photo but its not straight forward. He gives details where you have to look deeper to find out what the issue is or what he’s trying to say. He took a lot of pictures of African Americans. I was surprised that this was his first encounter with segregation. A good point was pointed out on how African Americans weren’t good enough to sit next to but good enough to watch their children. It didn’t make sense. Robert Frank captured photographs of ordinary people doing everyday things so that’s what makes it simple.

Homework #9 Robert Frank

After viewing Robert frank photo during the video that was shown it was clear to me that there were some artistic views in his eyes that he have seen however it didn’t amazed me. For a man who is Jewish from Switzerland he has never seen anything like this when he got to America seeing separation though color of race  amazed him only seeing the same color race in Switzerland during his time. The picture he have taken were normal photos to me that any one would of taken. What I do find fascinating is the meaning and purpose on why Robert frank would take these photos of blacks and whites who are separated from society where it shows a sign of confusion not for the people who are looking at his photograph but for the people who are in it where there was one photo of a black woman holding a white baby girl which showed to me and also to Robert frank what he wanted his viewers to know were if they trust a black woman with there baby then it doesn’t make sense for them not to sit next to each other on the same bus or restaurant and also school. This was the confusion that got to me which I found fascinating for him to go deeper in to the meaning of separation though color in America.

HW #8: Capa’s “Death of a Loyalist Soldier”

Over the years, people have argued that Robert Capa’s “Death of a Loyalist Soldier” is a staged photograph and I can clearly see why they doubted its authenticity. In the shot,  the Spanish soldier appears to be falling back after being hit by a bullet and shot at the moment of death. It is truly amazing how Capa was able to capture that exact moment and this is a reason why it is hard for the viewers to believe that the shot was real and just captured at the right time at the right place. I personally believe Capa didn’t stage the shot. To me, the most effective reason why the photograph is real is the soldier’s position, the way he is falling back and his face expression which portrays real pain. In fact, the photographer put his own life at risk when going to the battle fields to get true photographs and document what was happening during the Spanish war. This is a photojournalism, not fake.

Ahmet D. HW#8

After reading the article and viewing the photograph over and over, I believe that The Death of a Loyalist Soldier is not a staged photograph. No one gets to capture this kind of photograph, this is why people hardly believe that it is real. Also, I am trying to understand Rober Capa that why did he risk himself to go to the Spanish Civil War, to stage a photograph or capture good shots? He could have done a staged photograph anywhere in the world without risking his life. That’s why the photograph is not fake. It is a very sad capture, but it is real and greatest war photograph.