A whip’s point of view


In this photo I took a a picture, during the week I was chef, of us making our very own whip cream. It was fascinating the way we took heavy cream and just mixed it (whipped it) for a couple of minutes and added some other things to make it sweet, and viola you have whip cream. The smell, especially the texture I had to capture the moment, surprisingly this was taken while the whip was moving, I’m not too sure how I did it, but I’m shocked by what I captured. The texture of the whip cream looks fluffy, and smooth, but also though its airy, from in this picture it looks as if it would have a play-doh feel once you get it in your hands.

Homework # 3

Texture is very important when taking a photograph of food . Without texture to an object the object just seems bland. In this picture of just an ordinary corn on a comb someone wouldn’t see he many textures just one object has . The texture of corn is great  because its everything you would think of off the top of your head . In your hand its grainy full of edges and spaces in between. As you bite in the corn the texture is soft and you feel a release of juices  and you look at the corn It looks like a bright yellow tooth. All of this shows you how simple something as corn can be defined thoroughly through texture .textue11

HW #3 Photographing the Texture of Food

One of the first things that you should consider when you shoot the food is that beauty is in the details.Texture plays very important rule in food photography.It impact the way food looks or tastes. I think that,People are incredibly sensitive to texture.What can texture do for a food photo? Texture can do a lot for a food photo. When we look a t food pictures. A textured background can be an important element of the overall image in food photography.Texture can enhance the quality of the image, provide it with a feeling of age, and make it interesting.

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Ahmet D. Civil War


I think coffee was a necessary drink to keep the soldiers aware and heated also a big psychological boost for them. I think it was a great way to motivate the soldiers, I believe coffee was the only thing that reminds the home town to the soldiers and coffee was the best thing on the menu. It is very expensive and very hard to feed an army. They have to use very simple food and must be easy to cook and carry it one place to another. Also food has to stay good for a long time. You do not want to poison your soldiers by mistake during the war. The most fascinating thing about the Civil War is that they learnt very quickly how to manage their food and how to cook it.

The food that I cannot live without is the NUTELLA. I love it.  nutella_00028

24 hours at aliena feels like 24 hours at aliena!!!!!!!

After watching this video I was so amazed at so many things one of them would be the pace of these workers were moving it was outstanding to me wishing me and my other classmates in Professor Garcelon class can clean up after class just like them. All of the workers were on there feet cooking, cleaning, serving for 8 hours or more a day is  impressive working as a team to get things done. Another thing that also caught my attention was the decorating that the chefs were doing to the food being patience to make it perfect and also fast as well so the guest can have there food already. The offices upstairs of the restaurant who handles the shipments for food delivery makes a good job taking phone calls and making notes on what the seller has to offer. If I was a health inspector checking up on this restaurant I would most definitely give this restaurant five stars and also an “A” for how hard these employee work to make aliena as perfect as It can be.

Homework 1 “Food is Life!!!!!”

My opinion on food and pictures being taken of food it is phenomenal how it is now a big tread in our lifestyle now and days. There are so many different picture being taken on food each and everyday. “A picture is worth a thousands words” I mean this can be really cheesy to here at times but it is absolutely true knowing how many signs with out even reading a description that you can already see from someone picture whether it is food or not. I personally take photo of food when it is a traditional Mediterranean cuisine that my mom would make occasionally for guest and it would look out standing on the way the food would be set up on the table. Just knowing as well how social media have exposed people art of food on photograph made them very popular for there work like Javier Garcia who takes photos on what he eats weekly having fans of his work from all the way to Ecuador is amazing and I can only imagine what I can also do as well with the technologies we have in social media and the most delicious foods that I eat every day!

Vanessa Campos: Food Photography

From the moment I got my first camera phone, I began to capture moments of my daily life in pictures, including what I ate. Snapping pictures of my food has become an irresistible habit, with the pictures appearing on my social media accounts within minutes. If it’s not on my Twitter account, it will appear on my Snapchat. It’s only a matter of time before my friends comment and ask where I am or mention how appetizing it looks. Somehow, it makes me feel slightly better about swiping my poorly funded debit card. With just one picture and a few friendly comments, the way you appreciate your food increases and makes you want to return to an establishment. Although Food Photography doesn’t seem like an important field or activity, it can easily make anyone’s business boom. Without a doubt, Social media is the most powerful form of advertisement. Art is one of the most popular things shared on these websites. Many people may not consider Food Photography as a serious form of art, but when one takes into account the work that goes into photographing these foods, one makes the realization that the only thing that’s different is the object on the other side of the lens. image

Cheyenne Acosta: What I Think About Food Photography

I’m not the type of person who will update their Facebook status obsessively and constantly. In fact, most of my posts come from Instagram. Instagram is such an easy way to upload a moment so spontaneously. So, being a big foodie that I am, quite a few of my pictures are of food. I’m not necessarily a great photographer, but I like seeing food. I think food photography is so relevant now because it is so aesthetically pleasing to look at. The color, shapes, textures of food will literally make your mouth water. You see your friend post a picture of a Belgian waffle smothered in all types of sweet toppings and you think, “Hey, that looks good. I think I’ll go grab one from Wafles and Dinges, now!” Food photography is a great tool for the food industry. Along with the help of social media, picture of food can be seen anywhere by anyone and from the company’s point of view, it’s like free advertising. To the customer, their cravings and curiosity have been satisfied.  Although some people take it to the extreme like the customer who dined at Alinea Restaurant as mentioned in the New York Times article, “First Camera, Then Fork” by Kate Murphy. As long as people remember that food is supposed to be eaten, savored, and enjoyed by the taste buds and not tapped twice to make a heart appear or watching the numbers go up on a thumbs up, I think food photography can go a long way for the food industry.

Homework 1

In my opinion food photography has become the new thing. Other than taking selfies most people, including myself take pictures of food. French philosopher and gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin stated in the NY Times article First Camera, Then Fork”, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are. “I agree with his statement. What a person eats can describe them. Are you into more flavors , showing you like exciting and new things to try, or are you someone who sticks more to the plain dishes, showing you are not always ready for a change. Food photography is not only becoming a common practice for patrons, but for chefs to. Food Photography is a way to show and promote one’s dishes. Carl Rosenberg stated in the article “You have more connection with your food, so it forms a more essential memory of an occasion.” I agree with this comment. The food you photograph is becoming a memory to you. It is telling you how good something may have been , if you enjoyed your time , will you ever recommend it , or will that be a memory of don’t ever go their again. Food photography has become a new obsession, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see more people following on with this trend.