HW 2: Food and Coffee in Civil War

It is fascinating how a caffeine addiction remained as one of the things that have been adapted from the times of the Civil War. Coffee was prevalent on the battle fields as it is in offices and schools nowadays. Without a doubt, coffee played an important role keeping soldiers awake and warm. Besides caffeine cravings, to get through the day, soldiers consumed a lot of coffee because it was the best thing out of everything they had. Typically, their meals consisted of salted meat, unleavened bread called “hardtack” and a little salt and sugar. One of the most imporant factors was also that coffee beans lasted for long and didn’t need any particular kind of preservation which enabled soldiers to carry it around. I personally am dependent on coffee. I love espresso drinks, essentially iced. It does not give me that much of an energy as it used to before, but it is definitely something I need to have everyday.

Homework 1: Why Food Photography

Taking pictures of food has become a big part of the photography field. Nowadays, people take pictures of their meals to express creativity and showcase their personal vision of the subject. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin’s statement “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are” clearly reflects that different people from different cultures see and eat food differently. Food photography is significant in sharing and introducing people to new venues and cuisines. It reveals to what, when and how we eat. By photographing food with our cameras we represent our traditions and customs to other countries around the globe. It is also a great way to introduce your family and friends to places around. In fact, we all go online to check out all different places before we go out to eat. We like to see the restaurant’s dishes, interior and decor through other people’s photos first. Food photography also plays a huge role in advertising for the restaurants. It is all about the first impression that a customer gets and having good pictures can make a big difference for IMG_7381the business. The phrase, “People eat with their eyes”, is very relevant. Most people like to see the photograph of the dish before they order so they know exactly what they are getting, and for those from different culture who are not familiar with the cuisine it is even more important. I take pictures of food myself. I personally enjoy the art of food photography because I truly believe that it is a powerful language that speaks to people’s taste receptors and emotions.  It allows me to tell my story and show others my own view on food culture.IMG_9091IMG_8268

Homework #1: Photographing Food

Taking pictures of food has become very normal in the past couple of years. Technology is changing rapidly and phone cameras are becoming better by the years. Watching the commercial of the “iPhone 5” by comedian Adam Sacks produced a spoof commercial and it emphasizes on how good the camera on the iPhone has become.  Even scrolling down you Facebook/Instagram news feed you will see at least 4 to 5 pictures of food that your friends have ordered or they made at home. Photography of food is a great way to express your creations in the kitchen. This is becoming more popular throughout all cultures. Having all different cultures post pictures of what they are eating teaches the viewer more and more about that particular culture. For example one of my friends always posts pictures of what he is eating and what restaurant the dish was made at. This widely exposes the different restaurant and foods we are surrounded by. Taking photos of food is a great way to spread the knowledge to others and helps restaurant’s gain exposure. Even with the iPhone camera you don’t get the full experience of eating that food, but still get to enjoy a piece of your friend’s food. Keep the pictures coming!


Food Photography

My opinion on taking pictures of food is a great way to show off a new creative art. Art is a great way to show people’s emotions. Bringing food into this aspect of art will show case how artistic a chef can be.  Day in and day out you see more chefs or cooks focus on the presentation of their meal. You seem to see a lot more cleverness into plates deign. Food Photography is being seen all over the globe throughout social media. Food art has become a standard throughout the culinary industry. Your food must be appealing as well as tasteful or it will not catch the attention as it once would. Creativity has become one of the main ingredients of the pate as now a chef most now how to present his dish before making it

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Ahmet Degirmenci Food & Photography

I think taking a photograph of the food is a big art. It has showed everybody’s daily life and culture over the years. While the time goes quickly, your need would change as well. People’s need keep changing all the time, so it is always better to taking photographs what was your culture and what it is now. Food plays a big role in cultures. All these photographs will present us in the future. After centuries people will look at the photographs of our food culture and will try to understand how was our eating habits, how healthy we were and how creative we were. Same for us, now we look at the photographs of the food last 50-100 years and figuring out how was their food culture, what was the food like, photographing the food was an art? Photographing the food is an art, just like the producing and presenting the food. I believe who ever takes a photograph of the food, is creating a documentary for future, without knowing it.

Ahmet D.