hw #7

The trend for photographing food became very popular . There are many reasons why people want to post their pictures on the internet. Instagram is the fastest growing social networking platform on the web, happens to be particularly successful among foodies.In those days, Instagram makes a food photographer out of everyone. The photographer can make even the most simple foods look worthy.”We eat with our eyes”.
I think photographing food can be art. Photographing food is not an art of simple and worth to her professionally prepared.There certainly is an art to food presentation. Photographers spend much time carefully calculating precisely how their food will be arranged on a plate making sure it looks oh-so-perfect.

Instagram is the perfect place for businesses of all sizes to advertiseThere are many strategies that these Instagrammers follow to be successful.There is a lot fo people who have built impressive careers starting from an influential Instagram account surely doesn’t end here. I believe it is good business. Of course, not everyone achieves success so quickly.

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