Homework #6 Most important meal of the day!

After reading the new York times article rise and shine by Malia Wollan and Hannah Whitaker I’ve have seen many different children around the world that  have there most important meal of the day breakfast in different forms. Breakfast to me is the most important meal of the day just because once you have waken up for your long day you will need to fuel and energize yourself before you start because without it anything you do will be your kryptonite. Breakfast around the world has its different tradition in my country breakfast is not just the most important meal of the day but it is a welcoming saying I want you to have a great day and a bless one too and the breakfast that is serve is in small portion that is sworn around the table for everyone to eat non e only for one person. For me without breakfast there would be a sad and a sleepy world with nothing to look forward to in the morning. In this country there is many sugary food that are given not only for breakfast but as well for any other dishes that are not even sweets and America needs to cut down on sugary food products and make more of a healthier meal plan where in other countries the portion and the meal it self is small and filling as well. What Is essential to me is a big cup of OJ because it gives you the morning rush and that goes perfect with anything you’ll eat in the morning with.  Image result for orange juice

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