Cheyenne Acosta: The Story of the Snapping Tom.

Walker Evans is a brave man. A lot of people would start fights over having their picture being taken. Which I guess is the reason as to why he took the pictures secretly. However, I think it is better that way. Had he stopped and asked people to take a picture of them, he would get totally different portraits. I also love the fact that he chose to photograph in New York City. This city is full of interesting characters. Throw in a setting that people travel through everyday, you will get alluring photographs that can tell a great story. The people he photographed really aren’t all that different from the people on the subway today. They all kind of, avoid eye contact with other riders on the train. They look tired and weary. Yet, everyone, whether photographed or not, has a life as intricate as ours. I think that’s the beauty of photographing people unsuspectingly. Just their facial expression, their appearance and their body language tell a story of their life. Almost like what the photographer of Humans of New York is doing. Except he includes the subject’s story with their photograph. He also gets their permission to take their picture. I think that’s a very important detail when being a photographer.

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