Homework #5 Got to love newyork subways!

After seeing most of walker Evan photograph of people On the subway during the early days it was fascinating to me how everybody look. Mostly everyone of those photos at the same place of today’s society pictures of New York city subways of people that are doing the same thing which is not smiling at all because it’s early in the morning or almost late to work or they might have hate there job. It is almost crazy to me how not that much has changed and as well as a lot of things changed starting with the clothes and technology of today world. Mostly New York subway trains you do see many different people from many different races however in his photos you see mostly the same race and the same face but it’s always the same emotion. It look like however these photos were taken early in the morning by Walker as you can see it is mostly the people that he has pictures of are upset or mad. These pictures influence me to take pictures of today’s ride home back wherever I’m going just to see peoples faces and reaction and comparing it to walkers.

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