Cheyenne Acosta: Civil War Soldiers Ate Wha-?

I almost pity the soldiers of the Civil War. The food rations they received probably didn’t taste as good as their wives’ home cooked meals. Hardtack seems like a very bland piece of cracker. It’s very hard to believe that hardtack is nutritious in the least. And Matt Anderson, the curator of the Minnesota Historical Society, shows us in the Youtube video shows the viewers a 150 year-old hardtack! I really wonder what they put in that hardtack to make it last so long because the bread I buy at the supermarket grows mold in a matter of weeks. I found it very fascinating that Civil War soldiers had access to coffee and drank it all throughout the entirety of the war. I thought coffee became available to Americans much later in the American history timeline. However, I’m not surprised that many of the soldiers were partial to the caffeinated beverage. Many people become addicted to coffee, myself included. It is a staple food item to start the day with and and an energy giver. I do wonder if the soldiers drank the coffee black or with cream and sugar. I like my coffee both black and light and sweet, depending on my mood. Coincidentally,the one food item I cannot live without is coffee. Specifically Starbucks’ naturally flavored caramel ground coffee. It’s so good, I swear on this stuff.

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