Tiayana Ward- Food Photography

Technology is on the rise with improvements. From Niepce’s first photograph and only being able to take pictures in one place to having portal cameras to capture things in the moment, photography is one of the many things changing. Technology is becoming so advanced you can upload a picture of your dinner within seconds online. Food photography is definitely one thing that almost everyone has done whether it’s on a cell phone or an actual camera. There’s something about capturing your food, your plate in the moment before you enjoy it. As mentioned in the article, Twitter is a big site that a lot of pictures get shared on. Instagram is another one. Instagram is a picture based site. As they say a picture holds a thousand words. These days people take pictures of a meal and also mention where you can buy it from. This convenience adds promotion for businesses, shows off the beauty of the food and continues to show different styles of food photography. Before I only took pictures of things I cooked but now that I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone with trying new foods, I try to capture photos any chase I get.

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