Week 10

i believe his arguments are highly convincing. he bring to light the comparisons between the other solders and as well highlights the time frame for when the picture could have been taken. I doubt that Capa’s photograph was fake. It looked well taken and there isn’t any concrete information to show why he would even stage it. Honestly i don’t think authenticity matters especially when it comes to the horrors of war. Whether it is perceived as stage or not the picture helps to illustrate the horrors of war.

Week 11 documenting california’s drought

I believe that many Americans aren’t aware of the drought in California because they haven’t been affected by it yet. America has a population of over 300 million, which are spread out all around. Since many do not live in California, they don’t know the problems that are being faced. The illusion today is that our agriculture is in high stock. This means that people think everything is alright. As years go by, and the effects of the drought starts to hit on a higher scale; then people will see the severity of the situation.

Week 12 Ferguson

Prior to this article i was already upset about the situation in Ferguson. This article only served to increase my outrage. Young black males are dying at an alarming rate by police in this country, and the same theme always comes up. The officers always claim to be threatened and had to react with lethal force. These situations have been happening for decades. When the photographer, Scott Olson made the comparison between Ferguson and Ukraine, he was absolutely right. The police in Ferguson was  beyond heavily armed. Ukraine was going through turmoil as a nation and the authorities weren’t even that prepared for it. It’s so sad to see the police ready for war against its citizens. These riots wont stop unless something is done in the justice system, the more extrajudicial killings done by the police on citizens will only lead to more riots in the streets.


I believe that  playing with the dead is not art, nor is it a respectable idea. I believe that the dead should be respected, and once layed to rest they should not be disturbed. It is only for god to determine how things will be, and what they will turn into. From an artistic stand point, i dont have much to say on it. I feel as though it is not art. Granted some people feel relief and comfort in seeing their loved ones, and being able to have memories, i feel it is very creepy. The colors and texture of the picture feels cold. It shows another part of life that I am not yet ready to explore.

Food or Coffee

When it comes down to it, I would rather have food then coffee any day. If I lived in during the civil war, and was a soldier I would never even drink coffee. Soldiers need to be awake and on their feet, and coffee has a reverse effect on me. Instead of energizing and being fast paced, I become very serene and sleepy. The smell of the coffee soothes my brain, while the warm sweet taste relaxes my muscles. Food, on the other hand ; fulfills my every need to be  awake and on the move. I feel whole after a meal and I am able to conqueror anything in my path. Food trumps coffee in my book any day.

Taking pictures of food

I grew up in a household where electronics and gadgets are not allowed at the dinner table for any reason. Til this day i follow the same rules up to a certain point. When i go out, i ocassionally take pictures of the things that i ate . I do it in rememberance of what i ordered, so i can come back and order it again. Also to recommend the meal to family and friends so they have a visual of what they are getting. Some people become obsessive over taking pictures of food , rather then the quality and and thought of the food. While some may want to take pictures of food and call them art, i believe food is an art all in its own. Pictures are not necessary to make food art. Walking into a restaurant and seeing people with their phones out taking pictures of every songle meal that comes out is what i believe classifies obsessive. Every once in a while is okay, but continuously is too much. It shows that people arent there for the food, but more so for the photographs. I believe that food is art on its own, and can stand up to any photograph of food.imageI have posted a picture of my family at thanksgiving. I took this picture because it was for memories and to hold as a keepsake because it holds sentimental value