Subway Portraits

These picture are amazing and interesting because most of the people did not know they were being photographed. Due to the fact that people didn’t know they were being photographed the picture are as natural as it gets. What makes this so ┬árelatable┬áis the fact that in some of the photos you can see what train line the picture was taken on ┬áfor example there is one photo where a woman is sitting below a sign that says “City hall” and “Pelham bay park”, Most would know that the train she is on is now the 6 train. Also, even though these were taken during “The Great Depression” the facial expression are the same as the ones seen today. some of the expressions are blank, happy, saddened or just seam like they are upset.

The one thing that I will say that is different from back then compared today is that there are more minorities on the train, but who is to say that they are not  minorities on the train during when the picture were taken but minor just has not be defined by people of colored yet. Also, you see people are just on the train, there are no headphones, Ipad, kindles, or cellphones. It makes you realize how far we have come from reading news papers and books on the train to using electronics.

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