Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: Photographs from #Ferguson

The protests down at Ferguson has completely got out of hand. So out of hand that both pro and anti factions have already lost the true meaning of what they are fighting for because of what has already been done and the propagandas that are continuously creating a wedge in between them instead of a mutual ground were people could actually talk and MAKE CHANGES. Scott Olson’s reflections do show a facet of this. Being on the side of the protesters, his photos effectively captures the force inflicted on the civilians, so are the pain and anguish that they go through. Just like in Kent State, Olson’s narrative gives us a look of how abuse feels like, of how intimidating it could be and how difficult it is to overcome. I just feel like his take is a little unfair because the police are people too, who are merely doing their jobs, and are pretty much misrepresented for doing so. I would really like to see more photos geared towards their conditions too, and make a comparison and a valid conclusion.

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