Week 9 Discussion Topic: Rock Star Food Behind the Scenes (Leah M)

Looking at the pictures taken by Henry Hargreaves speaks a lot of volume of each of the individuals personality. One picture that stuck in my head was Busta Rhymes requesting  “Twenty-four pieces of fried chicken,( why is that fried chicken so brown?) Rough Rider condoms, Guinness.” Hmm well he sure is a party animal and at least he practices safe sex. (well hopefully). It seems like so many of these performers are kinky with odd request like KY Jelly, too much info.Man next time keep that to yourself. Some of these request I find a bit over board and some of these people request those things just to be mean or bossy. Let’s take Rihanna for example “Hard-boiled eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, at any time throughout the day. Please be prepared!” why would you want that through out the day and she made sure she warned you to be prepared. Well hello there. Then you have the sophisticated Mariah Carey who still has her soft side with her request of  “Cristal Champagne, bendy straws.” so after all not all these performers go over board or just be plain old mean. How ever it is very interesting to see what they eat. I guess after all they’re human. Right? Oh how could I forget the heavy drinker Frank Sinatra. I can’t believe one person can request so much liquor. How was he able to perform? Oh and what was Nine inch nails doing with all that corn starch? Fantastic job done by Hargreaves.


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