Picturing Breakfast Around the World

As we all know, breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. Its from this very first meal in the day, that our body receives the energy and nutrients to perform the tasks that our day requires. This New York Times article, sheds light on the importance of breakfast for children and the typical breakfast for children of different nations. Ranging from hard boiled eggs, sausages, sauces and in some cases pastries, breakfast from other nations completely differ to that of Americans. The most standard breakfast for American children in my opinion, is cereal and milk. The cereal of today’s market, is loaded with sugar. As we all know too much sugar and kids, are not a good combination. Ultimately the “sugar high” will crash and leave you with either a tired or cranky kid. Along with that, increases in sugar will lead to a decrease in nutritional value of the cereal. No one cares what benefits Cinnamon Toast Crunch provides, we all just know that it tastes great. This reasoning is also why I believe America has an obesity issue, because of the “it tastes good” mentality. this is what I believe a nutritional American breakfast looks like:nutri

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