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Growing up in the Island of St.Lucia breakfast was very important in our household. My mom made it her duty to wake up very early every morning to prepare her three kids and husband a healthy breakfast. When I entered Secondary school which is known as high school in the US, breakfast went out the door. I had no time to sit and eat anymore or maybe I just felt to grown to indulge in such. A good breakfast would consist of some porridge (oat meal, corn meal, cream of wheat), a fruit, or weetabix cereal, or eggs with bacon, tomatoes , lettuce etc. There were days when my mom would make bake and salt fish, or fried bakes and smoke herrings. We had a choice of fresh fruit or yogurt. Breakfast as many would agree is the main meal of the day. Even our teachers would emphasize on the importance of having a well balance breakfast. After moving to the USA breakfast became extinct in my daily life. For e.g. there are days it’s already 11:30a.m. and then I remembered oh boy I have not even had hot water on my stomach, by then my tummy is speaking in tongues. I have paid a severe price for skipping the most important meal of the day. Now I try my best to have something light even if it is just a fruit or yogurt, or glass of milk or orange juice. Something that would keep me until I am ready to have my lunch.

bake with saltfishBake and Salt fish


weetabix weetabix for breakfast





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