Brianna Vasquez’s Post on Picturing Breakfast Around the World


A Bowl of Raspberries

I believe that breakfast is one of the most essential meals of the day since it is the first source of food that we consume in the day. While America’s conceptualized idea of food has revolutionized to fast food, or food on the go, the most popular available choices of breakfast are protein bars and cereal. These aren’t exactly the healthiest of food choices since they are refined in order to last on our shelves or in our cupboards for months at a time. Breakfast food items have become a pinnacle in the advertisement of food, commercials constantly suggest their product as the healthiest despite the ingredients and even include the use of children to persuade viewers to either purchase these items for their children or be coaxed by the innocent eyes of a child to buy these items. But in this world of Poptarts, Lucky Charms, Fiberone, etc. we are told that healthy choices such as apples or oatmeal that naturally possess their sources of vitamins are boring and dull while these labels are exciting and fun. These items that are supposedly healthy and give is energy are packed with exceedingly high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates that deceive our bodies as energy but quickly die out. We as Americans need to make healthier choices despite the connotation of breakfast.

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