Spiritualism Photography

I personally understand the whole allure that comes with spiritualism photography, it’s something that lives in that grey area of the photography in general. It is definity werid to me and so far fetched , but who am I to judge those who are mourning or believe in different truths than I do?  I can also see why it is so popular, the overall idea that when the thing that we love and hold dear to us have left us, there is a certain distilled yourning to feel some sort of presence as if that personor thing is still with us, existing somewhere between one world and the next because of the fear of being left alone or adandoned.  Growing up in South America, there were so many folk lore and supertistions  that pretty much ruin any hopes of mine to have even an once of appreciation for spirtualism photography.  I remember when me and my friends were in our later teenage years and had might night curfews, we would have to walk backwards into the house, in the effort to negat a stray ‘Jumbies’ (spiritual figures) following you home or if you were a girl with long hair walking home during the late evening you would have to put your hair in a bun, because ‘spirits’ would hang on to the ends of your hair and follow you home. Now that I think about it, it won’t Suprise me that these folklores were made up by parents who wanted to keep their kids home, because it was such a process to get into the house when it was time to head home!  I know, it all sounds like a bunch of baloney,  but I did walk into the house backwards everytime I’m out pass might night, because you never know.  That is the fuel to the fire, the element of ‘what if’, to ablity to explain the unexplainable and the emotional entrapment behind the overall purpose of something such as spiritualism photography. Hey, to each there own, this stuff really freaks me out , ‘ghost’ pictures, Jesus toast, and folk lore is just a bit too much for me.

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