Spiritualism can be a debatable topic because it can be interpreted in many different ways. Personally I do not believe in contacting with spirits among the dead but in this case Shannon Taggart does. Don’t get me wrong I do find this belief of religion to be interesting, quite fascinating. I say this because the evidence in the picture draws my attention to question myself as to what goes on in a mind of a person so in depth with photographing such bizarre photos. When looking through her photos I do believe that some could have been altered, for instance the photo with the bending of spoons suggesting that the mind is the force behind the objects physical appearance looks unreal to me. But then again real enough to be believed by others in terms of being accepted as just another form of art. For example the purplish orb present on a woman’s shoulder of her deceased husband and everyone responding so nonchalant suggesting it was a common occurrence; they were not bothered by her findings.

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