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Jen’s Lemony Mash with fresh rosemary!

Behold, my plate of irresistible mash potato goodness! They say that when presented with a plate of food or even having a visual of some sort of a food item, it is our eyes that¬† “taste” the food first, you know what “puppy eyed drool factor” when you see your favorite dish?.¬† Sight plays an important role in how we perceive food,¬†observing the textures, colors,¬†and how the ingredients are used is essential,thus making it a key component of success in the food business.¬†In the picture above ,¬†I can tell that¬†the mash potatoes are¬†creamy based on¬† smoothness and moisture that is keeping the mash potatoes in tack. There is a sense of heartiness to the dish because the potatoes appear to still be slightly dense, while remaining fluffy. I personally made this as a side dish yesterday. I completely mashed the boiled potatoes¬†and added just enough mayo and butter to smooth out the texture of the boiled potatoes, so in the end I would have a creamy product. What you can not tell from this photo is that there is lemon added to the mash potatoes to cut down the richness of the mayo, and also minced rosemary leaves were added to compliment the flavor of the lemon.

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