Food or Coffee

When it comes down to it, I would rather have food then coffee any day. If I lived in during the civil war, and was a soldier I would never even drink coffee. Soldiers need to be awake and on their feet, and coffee has a reverse effect on me. Instead of energizing and being fast paced, I become very serene and sleepy. The smell of the coffee soothes my brain, while the warm sweet taste relaxes my muscles. Food, on the other hand ; fulfills my every need to be  awake and on the move. I feel whole after a meal and I am able to conqueror anything in my path. Food trumps coffee in my book any day.

1 thought on “Food or Coffee

  1. Although I need coffee during the course of a day, at certain times of the day it also puts me to sleep. I think you’re the first person, other than myself, that reacts to coffee by waiting to sleep.

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