Taking pictures of food

I grew up in a household where electronics and gadgets are not allowed at the dinner table for any reason. Til this day i follow the same rules up to a certain point. When i go out, i ocassionally take pictures of the things that i ate . I do it in rememberance of what i ordered, so i can come back and order it again. Also to recommend the meal to family and friends so they have a visual of what they are getting. Some people become obsessive over taking pictures of food , rather then the quality and and thought of the food. While some may want to take pictures of food and call them art, i believe food is an art all in its own. Pictures are not necessary to make food art. Walking into a restaurant and seeing people with their phones out taking pictures of every songle meal that comes out is what i believe classifies obsessive. Every once in a while is okay, but continuously is too much. It shows that people arent there for the food, but more so for the photographs. I believe that food is art on its own, and can stand up to any photograph of food.imageI have posted a picture of my family at thanksgiving. I took this picture because it was for memories and to hold as a keepsake because it holds sentimental value

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