Taking Pictures of Food

Veggie Pork Rolls

This picture that I’ve posted is the first photo that I’ve taken to kickstart a series of foods that I’ve personally made in preparation for my trip to France in 2015. I envisioned the project to be a “before and after France” compare and contrast, to identify improvements in selection, taste and artistry in my food. Ambitious, one might say. I completely agree. But what I wasn’t prepared for was the difficulty of producing said photos! I didn’t realize how complicated the task really was: on top of making the food, there is the consideration for getting the right angle, light, quantity, plating…the list goes on!

Although having said such, I would have to agree with Tucker Shaw (the food critic for the Denver Post) when he said that food can evoke unique memories and emotions that no other medium can. I swear that for each food photo that I’ve posted, I can still remember those moments while preparing the meal, right to the last moment when the food was consumed; all happy times! Sharing these photos does give one a sense of connectedness, not only because food conveys a joyful language that everyone can understand, but also because it reveals something personal about the blogger that anyone willing can appreciate.

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