The Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) along with five universities have developed a car size six-legged robot that walks on the ocean floor. The robot is called the Crabster CR200, which borrows its design from crabs and lobsters. The robot was submerged earlier this month to scour the ocean for scientific exploration, commercial surveying, and treasure hunting. Testing has been performed at a max depth of 656 feet on the Crabster, which has ten cameras, a sonar scanner, locating transponder, Doppler, and an acoustic camera. Of its six legs, the two front ones have extendable grippers for maneuverability and reach. Engineers can control CR200 from a remote control station, which allows the robot to remain on the sea floor for multiple days yet keeps its operators dry and safe. in the future, once the Crabster is tweaked and fully tested, will be sent to investigate sunken ships. Link




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