Tuesday, August 30th – Welcome!

Welcome to the class blog! Occasionally I will upload documents on the blog here. I might also use Open Lab to alert you to a canceled class or about extra credit, so having an account is very important (and, besides that, is a requirement of this class)!

Today’s assignment is listed below. Please note that I will often upload assignments here or list them for your convenience. I will also list homework here. The homework directions will always be clear and complete and include a due date. To receive full credit on assignments and homework, you must follow all directions and turn it in on the due date.


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  • Comment on this post with
    1. Your name (and nickname, if you would prefer to be called by one)
    2. What type of reading you like the most (fiction, nonfiction, magazines, sci-fi, etc)
    3. What you find most difficult about reading

When you create an OpenLab account, it will ask you to fill out some information about yourself. Please use your actual name or nickname given in class as your display name.

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This assignment is due by the beginning of class next Tuesday, September 6th. No credit will be given to posts made after 11:30 am on Tuesday. 

Additional Note:
These are the books you need for this class. Buying them is a requirement:

Urban Reader for College Writers, 1st ed;  L. Grujicic-Alatriste, Kendall  Hunt Publishers and the Reading and Vocabulary Workbook.

12 responses to “Tuesday, August 30th – Welcome!

  1. Murjan Urmey (Murjan)
    I like reading fiction books
    Vocabulary is the most difficult part of reading

  2. Jingxun Yin (Yin)

    I like science fiction books. ( A lot of imaginations)

    Of course for me the critical and difficult part is vocabulary.

  3. Cesar
    i like fiction & nonfiction books
    i found a little complicated find main ideas and support ideas

  4. Zohirul ( Z )

    I like non-fiction books
    Its hard for me to stay focused on what i am reading

  5. Mustafa Nagi
    Hello there,
    I like reading fiction books , especially love and magic.
    I think the main problem is understanding new words in tough topics ,such as , scientific research, acconomaic and Businesses readings.

  6. Chenzhong Lin
    I like to reading Interesting fiction books and news.
    i find most difficult about reading is the main idea and vocabulary.

  7. Musab M. Zandani “Moses”
    I love reading a scientific books, researches and news “The New York Times” is my favorite.
    I found that it is difficult for me to know the main idea and the supporting details

  8. Tanvir Patwary (Tanvir)
    I mostly love to read fiction books . But the hardest thing I face when I read a book is not to get it /understand the story right way. Sometimes I have to read the story more than once in order to understand it.I found most difficult to find out the meaning of new words.

  9. Sup! Reading ariticles based on new technology and non-fiction are always my favorites. However, if I don’t understand the contexts of the books in English, it gets frustrated and bored.

  10. Uri
    I like reading fiction books
    Vocabulary is the most difficult part of reading

  11. Mawdo Sissoho
    I like reading fiction
    Parallel structure is diffcult

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