Thursday, November 12th – Information

You have no homework this weekend. However, if you want to turn in ANY late assignment, it MUST be turned in by class on Monday.Ā I will no accept late assignments from earlier in the semester after Monday.Ā PleaseĀ clearly label your assignments so I know what i’m grading and how to assign credit.

Additionally, you have a few extra credit opportunities this weekend. These are also due Monday.Ā I will no accept extra credit after Monday.


Extra Credit Opportunity 1:

Look through your papers and find the oneĀ that still needs the most improvement. If you write a third draft of this paper where you show significant improvement from your second draft, I will give you extra credit in the 2nd Draft category of your grade. Please label this Extra Credit Draft 3.


Extra Credit Opportunity 2:

There is a show available on Netflix calledĀ Master of None starring Aziz Ansari. Watch season 1, episode 2 titled “Parents.” Write a CATW-style essay summarizing what happens in the episode (notĀ retelling the whole story) and give me your opinion of the subject matter (thesis). Then have at least one good body paragraph (but you can have more) where you discuss your opinion and refer directly back to the episode. Be sure and have a solid conclusion following the structure we discussed. If you write a good essay applying what what have learned in class, I will give you extra credit in the 1st Draft category of your grade.

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