Monday, November 2nd – Homework

Read Unit 5, Chapter 1 of Urban Reader for College WritersAs a comment on this post answer this question before class on Wednesday:

Think of a single other country in the world that you have experience with (perhaps the country you’re from or a country you’ve lived in). Are they more or less environmentally conscious than the United States? Give three examples comparing the two countries to explain/back up your claim.


Reminder: You will have a vocabulary and grammar exam on Thursday. Any vocabulary or grammar we’ve covered so far could be on the test.


Here is the worksheet we went over in class today (click it to make it bigger):


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  1. The country i am picking is London,England.England is less environmentally conscious than the united states. First of all there is no trash cans in London trash is just on the the united states there are trash cans everywhere to avoid it on the street. the air pollution is bad in London due to the cars that are driving. There is a congestion charge in London which is a permit saying that you can drive in the city center. another reason is people smoke everywhere unlike the united states where there are areas where people smoke. People in London smoke where they want to.

  2. Venezuela is significantly less environmentally conscious than the United States. And one of the reasons why it this is like that, it is because many or most of developing countries do not pay too much attention to the environment. People and government in Venezuela believe that there are many other important things to care about rather than the environment, when it is not true. People in Venezuela are not taught about recycling in comparison to the people in the US. Also, keeping in mind that it is an oil country and not even the petrochemical industry is aware of where their waste is going, and that is the reason why many beaches are contaminated with toxic substances.

  3. Im going to use the country where i came from. i think both my country and the United States are equal conscious with the environment. For example , we can see big trashes with specifics labels as bottles, papers, and regular trash. In this way, we help a lot to the land we are living on. However, the environment ministers are trying to apply this idea in my country, but over all, they are trying to encourage people to do it. On the other hand, in Quito capital of Ecuador, The mayor add a law called peak and license plate. this law is originally from Bogota-Colombia. This law is about to reduce the vehicular congestion in the city by taking vehicles off of the streets in rush hours, It helps to avoid the traffic on streets , and reduce the smoke emanated by cars. Moreover, the Mayor add another initiative to help the environment. It is called as “Ciclo-Paseo”. It is about your not able to use your car for certain streets in the city on Sundays. This main streets are used to people with bikes, skates, or just for people who want to walk. It is a really good idea, because besides you are doing exercise you are helping to reduce the pollution in the air. Even though , here in manhattan there are ways specifics for bikes, there are thousands of people using cars.

  4. The country i am using is Peru its located in South America. I think United States is more conscious with the environment then Peru, because in some parts in Peru the streets will be a little dirty sometimes trash on the floor, peoples garbage, empty bottles. But over here in the United States you will see in every corner in the street there is a garbage can or recycling bin. Something to keep the streets here in the United States clean at least. In Peru there are a lot of Air pollution as well, over here in the United States as well but that is something both countries and a lot of countries around the world need to fix.

  5. The country i am using is in Hong Kong it’s locate in China. Hong Kong has a stable environmental then United States because for the most part there is a lot more trash then Hong Kong and the reason i choose Hong Kong is that the subway there is much cleaner here. But the one con for both is that they are very polluted. The main part the United States needs to fix and Hong Kong is just pollution , and for the United States is the garbage around us that stink up the whole place.

  6. The country i am choosing is Pakistan. I think Pakistan is way less conscious with the environment.The government don’t really pay attention to the environment. There is a lot of garbage on the streets and no one really cares about that they just ignore it.The other problem both countries Pakistan and United States have is air pollution and government should really needs to come up with some thing to fix it

  7. The country unwound pick is Nigeria, I lived in Nigeria and Nigerian doesn’t really care about the environment and I believe it’s due to money, most cars used in Nigeria are not carbon efficient, the emissions given out is really and compared to the United States but there are more plants in Nigerian to the United States and there are less carbon footprints because not everyone can afford a car so they walk or bike

  8. The country I chose is Ecuador. I think New York and Ecuador are equal conscious because there is not as many factories as existing here. So there is a lot green places where actually is called “El pulmon del Mundo” which means the world’s lung. I can say the only problem that exist in Ecuador is that doesn’t exist as many trash place as exist in New York especially in the city. I say New York because I don’t other states so I can’t talk about somethings that I din’t have any experience with.

  9. The country I choose is China. I think my city that in China is more environmentally conscious than the United States. For example, my school is very large and plants lots of grass and trees, but students can’t step on or lie on the grass. Otherwise, students who step on the grass will lose some credits if some staffs see them. Maybe the school is worried about the grass may be died be lots of stepping. However, I see students can do whatever they want on the grass. And Every two or three weeks , my school has a school clean-up that all students participate in cleaning their own classes. After the cleaning, the teachers are going to check. If the cleaning is not good , students are going to clean again. In the united states, these works are all belong to cleaning workers. Furthermore, in my school’s dormitory, students who live in the dormitory should clean their rooms before they go out to have a class every morning. So I believe my city in China is more focus on environment.

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