Monday, December 7th – Homework

After reading “Are We Different People in Different Languages?” follow these steps:

  1. Write a reaction to the reading passage. Do you relate? Can you agree? Do you disagree? What does your first language represent to you? What does English represent to you? Why? This should be at least two essay-style body paragraphs with topic sentences and at least one reference to the reading.
  2. Translate 10 lines of “The Colonel” in your first language or another language you speak.
  3. Write (at least) a full paragraph discussing your experience translating the poem. Was it easy? Difficult? Why do you think so?
  4. How did your experience translating relate to the ideas discussed in the reading. Refer to parts of the reading to back up your opinions and experience.

This will be due at the beginning of class on Wednesday.

CATW Letters

CATW letters were handed out in class today. If you were absent, you must remember to ask me for yours (if you’re getting one) in class on Wednesday so that you have all the information you need to register for the test.


Registration opens Wednesday at 10am and closes Friday at 5pm.

Research Project Guidelines

This will be the second and final grade in the research section of your grade book.

After reading Unit 6: Chapter 1 in the Urban Reader for College Writers, you should answer these questions and be prepared to share them with your classmates on Monday.

  1. Name and briefly explain/summarize the three methods outlined in the chapter for helping college students manage their money and credit.
  2. Which of these methods do you use? Which do you think is the best? Why?
  3. Choose two American banks. Some examples are Bank of America, TD Bank, HSBC (which is not originally American, but operates here), Capital One, US Bank, Arvest, Wells Fargo, or Citi bank. It’s ok to use a different bank than any of the ones listed here as long as they do business in America.
  4. Research the services your chosen banks provide to students. Maybe they have special checking accounts or special credit cards. Choose one service at each bank and write a short report outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the service for students at each bank.
  5. Decide which bank you think is better for students to use and explain why. Be prepared to share all of this information with the class on Monday and to turn in a written version to me with all this information as well.


Monday, November 23rd – Homework

Read Unit 6, Chapter 1 of Urban Reader for College Writers  and be prepared to discuss in class. Your research project will come from this chapter, so it pays to read carefully.

Monday, November 16th – Homework

Read Unit 5: Chapter 2 and be ready to discuss it in class.

You do not need to do the vocabulary, but if you would like to add points to your homework category, you can do the vocabulary as usual and turn it in.

Special Request

If you received a 100% A+ (or if you turned it in late, the score can be a bit lower since you cannot get a perfect score on a late assignment) or are particularly proud of your research assignment (the school lunch activity), can you please bring it into class on Monday and give it to me? I will return it to you.

Thursday, November 12th – Information

You have no homework this weekend. However, if you want to turn in ANY late assignment, it MUST be turned in by class on Monday. I will no accept late assignments from earlier in the semester after Monday. Please clearly label your assignments so I know what i’m grading and how to assign credit.

Additionally, you have a few extra credit opportunities this weekend. These are also due Monday. I will no accept extra credit after Monday.


Extra Credit Opportunity 1:

Look through your papers and find the one that still needs the most improvement. If you write a third draft of this paper where you show significant improvement from your second draft, I will give you extra credit in the 2nd Draft category of your grade. Please label this Extra Credit Draft 3.


Extra Credit Opportunity 2:

There is a show available on Netflix called Master of None starring Aziz Ansari. Watch season 1, episode 2 titled “Parents.” Write a CATW-style essay summarizing what happens in the episode (not retelling the whole story) and give me your opinion of the subject matter (thesis). Then have at least one good body paragraph (but you can have more) where you discuss your opinion and refer directly back to the episode. Be sure and have a solid conclusion following the structure we discussed. If you write a good essay applying what what have learned in class, I will give you extra credit in the 1st Draft category of your grade.

Thursday, November 5th – Homework

Be prepared to write an in-class CATW essay on Monday.

Here are the CATW materials we covered in class along with the example papers for you to look over.

CATW Practice


If you would like to share your Halloween costume (this is not required) then comment on this post with a link to your picture. You can upload your image to a site such as (Hit the blue “upload images at the top; you do not have to sign in or have an account to do this.) or another photo uploader and then give us a link to the picture.

Be sure and tell us who/what you are so we can appreciate your costume! Feel free to reply to your classmates’ comments and tell them how much you like their character. 🙂

Monday, November 2nd – Homework

Read Unit 5, Chapter 1 of Urban Reader for College WritersAs a comment on this post answer this question before class on Wednesday:

Think of a single other country in the world that you have experience with (perhaps the country you’re from or a country you’ve lived in). Are they more or less environmentally conscious than the United States? Give three examples comparing the two countries to explain/back up your claim.


Reminder: You will have a vocabulary and grammar exam on Thursday. Any vocabulary or grammar we’ve covered so far could be on the test.


Here is the worksheet we went over in class today (click it to make it bigger):