Woodside, NY – Community Survey

Woodside is an obnoxiously peaceful, quiet neighborhood in Queens.  It is filled with predominately White, Asian, and Hispanic groups.  There are plenty of elementary schools and several places of worship near where I live.  There is also a fire station within two blocks of my apartment which, although a nuisance, is obviously essential and helpful during emergencies for those in need in the community.  Except for the occasional rambunctious youth or post-partying, alcohol-induced adult, little trouble arises in my neighborhood.  Rarely have I seen a police car pass through my neighborhood.

Since I usually spend my free time either in Washington Heights or Sunset Park, any major events or changes that occur in my neighborhood are indistinguishable to me.  However, because of this survey, I have definitely observed many new things about Woodside that I never noticed before: new apartment complexes, schools undergoing major reconstruction, and new restaurants and stores are popping up everywhere I turn.  I have also noticed a major decrease in the number of homeless compared to what I remember five years ago.

Although there have been many improvements in my community, there is still a major problem that I notice when I look around. ¬†Coming from an underprivileged, minority family, sometimes I feel like not enough is being done by community centers to help those in need. ¬†Many non-English speaking families aren’t aware of the services available to them or are just too ashamed or embarrassed to look for the help they need. ¬†Over 17% of my community is below the poverty line, and with rising prices all over the neighborhood, I feel like not enough is being done to help relief efforts.

As a nurse, I believe the best thing to do – in any and ALL situations – is to assess the problem. ¬†Recognize when something needs fixing and intervene when appropriate and possible. ¬†Educating the community on public assistance and community centers, and providing the information they need, even when they don’t ask for it, is the best solution. ¬†Sometimes just knowing that help is available to them whenever they need it is all the comfort that patients need.

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community survey report

My neighborhood is East Flatbush and I have been residing here for the past 16 years. It is a quite diverse neighborhood with people of African American, Carribean, and European origin just to mention a few. This neighborhood used to be very quiet with working people going to and coming from work with very little hanging out on the streets.

I started to slowly notice changes in the neighborhood with the presence of young males that started to hangout in the park, an abandon home, and streets. The first incident was the burning of the abandon house by smoking,¬† followed by a random shooting,¬† and the most recently one¬† a double shooting that left one seriously hurt and another one dead in P.S. 119 schoolyard. Sadly, this was the place he used to attend as a child and that also bared a huge¬† “STOP THE VIOLENCE” sign.

My greatest concern is this random act of unnecessary violence that seems to be escalating and has to be stopped. We as part of the community,  have to take the time to speak and listen to these young individuals and explain to them the devastation that their actions cause and how it affects everyone.We have to encourage and help them to find something to do with their time whether is to look for a  job or to  get an education so they can acquire tools that will be beneficial to them in the  future and this will also decrease the time that  they will spend on the streets getting in trouble or looking for trouble.

Ultimately, nurses can also have an impact on these young individuals whether it is in this community or another one. They can use their first hand experience through their jobs  to educate and explain how devastating the outcome of violence can be for  the families,  friends, and especially how in the end  it affect everyone  whether is directly or indirectly.


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Community Survey Report

Growing up in my neighborhood of Coney Island, I have seen it undergo many physical changes in appearance but few in the character of those who live here. I view my hometown as an up-and-coming attraction. It has long been a place famous for the original Nathan’s and Astroland Park but also infamous for being at times unsafe. Many positive changes have been made both physically as well as for families but some factors remain unchanged in the lifestyles of residents.
Once a community limited to tall buildings and empty lots has now incorporated two-family homes, gardens, and tourist attractions. Few abandoned buildings exist as they have been swept out for places of entertainment such as the famous Luna Park, bars, MCU baseball field and restaurants. The recreational aspect has had a positive outcome as parks have been improved under Obama’s  plan to preserve them, mainly Kaiser park where many youth engage in sports. The beach and boardwalks have slowly been improved and cleaned as well. Streets and sidewalks have been maintained and transportation of buses and trains are very accessible, especially for the handicapped. We have two police departments as well as a fire department post-office and hospital, all easy to reach. More and more cultures have meshed in with the majority of African-American and Hispanic races.
Unfortunately with all of these improvements, many who live here do not compliment the environment  that the state is trying to create. Gang violence is all too frequent, young lives are taken regularly. Drugs are not hard to come across especially in the younger crowds. Teen pregnancy has its peaks with young girls not yet fit to be mothers and no steady family environments for the newborns to grow up in. Many schools exist but the young minds that attend them are mostly influenced by the decisions they make outside of school. What is a tourist’s attraction by day is not always the safest place to be by night.
Healthcare and crime are the main focuses that need to be addressed according to what I‚Äėve witnessed and what has been recorded. With drug abuse and teen pregnancies come transfers of STDs and HIV, it is becoming an epidemic that nurses definitely address on a regular basis especially in these neighborhood facilities. They teach the youth the importance of contraception and their own personal health. Medicaid is the most popular form of health insurance used by the families here for children who are receiving adequate care. Community youth centers exist and sports are encouraged for the children. However, as long as unstable homes remain with a wide range of unsafe conditions and people outdoors, total change cannot occur.

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Community Servey

My name is Kenn.  During my community survey around my neighborhood of Woodmere, Long Isand NY, I can conclude that it is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood.  But that does not mean that there are no improvements that can be done.  There are a couple of problem that I notice as I walk around.  One of them is the fact that their is no hospitals around this neighborhood.  The nearest one is 15 minutes drive.  Around my neighborhood, we have doctors with their own practice and also a rehabilitation center.  Their is another problem in my neighborhood that I am sure most neighborhoods have, that are drug dealer are lingering around.  There are not many of them, but there are substantial amount of them that the things they sell go around from people in my old high school to people in the rehabilitation center.

The demographic of this neighborhood is pretty clear when you walk around and see the people walking during Saturday morning.  Most of the people are white and jewish.  This is not a problem, but in my opinion diversity in a community is a good way for people to learn about each other.  It would eliminate some of the stereotyping people concludes and make people appreciate the different culture.  As a nurse, this can impose different difficulty.  We have to get accustomed to their beliefs.  Also according to the demographics, restaurants around here will be kosher.  Which makes nurses have less choices of where to eat at if they are just to tired to cook.  Also some elderly Jewish people do not speak english very well, this can show that we might have a problem communicating to them about the procedure that we do as nurses.  This can get in the way of us nurses giving them the best care they can have.

But with all that negative, I also saw different services that benefits this community.  The Long Island Rail Road is one of them.  It is an easy way of traveling to the Manhattan or Brooklyn instead of driving and facing traffic.  Another benefit is that there are a lot of green spaces.  This means less pollution around the neighborhood and more shades.  There are also a lot of parks and school yard are accessible for residence to use.  For nurses who live around here, those different things can affect their well being.  The LIRR is easy access will let the nurse be able to travel to the city or brooklyn to meet up with friends which lets the nurse socialize.  The School yards can serve as a place where they can jog.  The green spaces gives nurses a healthy community to leave in.

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Community Survey

After assessing my community, it has led me to the most concerning problem of it. ¬†The main problem in Kew Gardens are the increase development of townhouses. ¬†According to Ms. Sylvia Hack, these development is what she calls “architectually insignificant buildings” ¬†The building of new townhouses around the area are very obstructive to the flow of traffic in the neighborhood. ¬†Development of such buildings are taking the space for public parking lots for the residents of the neighborhood. ¬†Living closely around Talbot Street and Lefferts Blvd., it really does look like a narrow pathway that only two cars can fit in the street. ¬†It is not even wide enough to make an easy U-turn, and due to some irresponsible drivers, some parks too far away from the curb, and others do not adhere to the speed limit policy of the area that put residents and others at risk for vehicular accidents. ¬†The nurse can address these problems by talking with city officials about limiting town houses development and promoting more public parking space, enforcing a strict rule on speed limit breakers, space availability for pedestrians, child safety crossing symbols and other precautions, and informing residents about all these issues. ¬†In doing so might promote availability of the roads quicker access to street and highways, and for healthcare; ambulances which comes in big and wide vehicles will have easier access to the roads.

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Community Survey Report

Washington Heights is my neighborhood in which my survey will be focused. In the research I conducted via Internet, I found that the heart of the social problems within the community is the lack of health insurance, obesity and teenage pregnancy. In this report I am going to cover the problem of teenage pregnancy which is in the highest percentile rate in Manhattan. It is one of the most well addressed of the three major issues of our community.

Parents can sometimes find it difficult to with their children about sex. This leaves the responsibility to teachers, guidance counselors and school nurses to teach sex education. Vulnerable teens can benefit from connecting with sources that are outside of the school system as well. Teen Choice Inwood House is a nonprofit community-based organization that counsels teen in comprehensive factual information about sexual behavior and the risks of unwanted pregnancy and HIV/STDs. They have a staff of experienced social workers to assist teens in obtaining contraceptives either in or nearby school. They also have offices in the schools for individual counseling for those who wish to speak anonymously.

Carrying out multiple approaches to the problem of teen age pregnancy is an area of which community health nurses could be involved to a greater extent. By having a wealth of health knowledge teens could benefit from the nurse’s experience to educate teens by informing them of difficulties of early aged pregnancy and motherhood, side effects of contraceptives and¬†safe sexual practices. Group meetings could be arranged in hospitals, clinics and schools. Mentoring is an important of an adolescents guidance¬†into adulthood. Good role models set examples for teens to emulate. Our young people are our greatest commodity; this is a very special project and it requires as many community health nurses a possible to be involved.

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Welcome Professional Nursing Students to Fall 2011 and the beginning of your nursing career!

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