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My name is Kenn.  During my community survey around my neighborhood of Woodmere, Long Isand NY, I can conclude that it is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood.  But that does not mean that there are no improvements that can be done.  There are a couple of problem that I notice as I walk around.  One of them is the fact that their is no hospitals around this neighborhood.  The nearest one is 15 minutes drive.  Around my neighborhood, we have doctors with their own practice and also a rehabilitation center.  Their is another problem in my neighborhood that I am sure most neighborhoods have, that are drug dealer are lingering around.  There are not many of them, but there are substantial amount of them that the things they sell go around from people in my old high school to people in the rehabilitation center.

The demographic of this neighborhood is pretty clear when you walk around and see the people walking during Saturday morning.  Most of the people are white and jewish.  This is not a problem, but in my opinion diversity in a community is a good way for people to learn about each other.  It would eliminate some of the stereotyping people concludes and make people appreciate the different culture.  As a nurse, this can impose different difficulty.  We have to get accustomed to their beliefs.  Also according to the demographics, restaurants around here will be kosher.  Which makes nurses have less choices of where to eat at if they are just to tired to cook.  Also some elderly Jewish people do not speak english very well, this can show that we might have a problem communicating to them about the procedure that we do as nurses.  This can get in the way of us nurses giving them the best care they can have.

But with all that negative, I also saw different services that benefits this community.  The Long Island Rail Road is one of them.  It is an easy way of traveling to the Manhattan or Brooklyn instead of driving and facing traffic.  Another benefit is that there are a lot of green spaces.  This means less pollution around the neighborhood and more shades.  There are also a lot of parks and school yard are accessible for residence to use.  For nurses who live around here, those different things can affect their well being.  The LIRR is easy access will let the nurse be able to travel to the city or brooklyn to meet up with friends which lets the nurse socialize.  The School yards can serve as a place where they can jog.  The green spaces gives nurses a healthy community to leave in.

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  1. I agree that cultural diversity is important in a community to widen perceptions of others. Stereotyping is all too common.

  2. It is very common over here. My mom sometimes experience it at work dealing with family of the jewish elderly. They do not think that we filipinos, are capable of giving he best care

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