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After assessing my community, it has led me to the most concerning problem of it.  The main problem in Kew Gardens are the increase development of townhouses.  According to Ms. Sylvia Hack, these development is what she calls “architectually insignificant buildings”  The building of new townhouses around the area are very obstructive to the flow of traffic in the neighborhood.  Development of such buildings are taking the space for public parking lots for the residents of the neighborhood.  Living closely around Talbot Street and Lefferts Blvd., it really does look like a narrow pathway that only two cars can fit in the street.  It is not even wide enough to make an easy U-turn, and due to some irresponsible drivers, some parks too far away from the curb, and others do not adhere to the speed limit policy of the area that put residents and others at risk for vehicular accidents.  The nurse can address these problems by talking with city officials about limiting town houses development and promoting more public parking space, enforcing a strict rule on speed limit breakers, space availability for pedestrians, child safety crossing symbols and other precautions, and informing residents about all these issues.  In doing so might promote availability of the roads quicker access to street and highways, and for healthcare; ambulances which comes in big and wide vehicles will have easier access to the roads.

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  1. After conducting the survey I realized that my neighborhood East Flatbush had several problems. One which stood out the most to me was the lack of healthy food options. Compared to the amount of fast food restaurants that were swarming the neighborhood there were but a few whole food organic grocery stores or restaurants. The reason for this is because of socioeconomics, most of the people in my neighborhood are working middle class or lower class; which simply means that it’s more convenient for them to buy cheap fast food as oppose to expensive nutritious food. To verify this conclusion I would have to actually accumulate the amount of fast food stores vs. organic fresh food stores. There are various programs bringing attention to the need to eat healthy food. I think the nursing industry should team up with these different health organizations to help bring more awareness to this issue and make healthy food choices relevant in every neighborhood. For one they can team up with Cuny health organization to inform college students on a better approach for living a healthy lifestyle. Nurses can also visit the health classes in grade school jr high and high schools to inform the kids. So that at an early age kids can be aware of the hazardous ways of junk food. Also in our communities recreational centers there can be cooking classes that show how to make a good tasty meal with healthy organic whole food. If the community is more aware of the scam of fast food restaurant you’re basically paying to congest your arteries with high saturated fat, the community would revert to investing in healthy whole food. One bias that I may have for my neighborhood is that I love the variety of food there is ; there is so much cultural diffusion within each restaurant but I would love for there to be an abundance in healthy food choices. Which would help terminate the likelihood of disease and overall expand the lifespan of the people living in the community.

  2. leighparis55 says:

    I would imagine it would be a good argument for nurses to address the problems of emergency vehicles entering the area expediently.

  3. alina says:

    Streets that are too narrow are not only a hassle to drive in or find parking, but are dangerous for the drivers and the nearby pedestrians.

  4. Christian Guignard says:

    Healthy foods are an important part of a healthy community. This is what is causing americans to be fat and out of shape.

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