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Washington Heights is my neighborhood in which my survey will be focused. In the research I conducted via Internet, I found that the heart of the social problems within the community is the lack of health insurance, obesity and teenage pregnancy. In this report I am going to cover the problem of teenage pregnancy which is in the highest percentile rate in Manhattan. It is one of the most well addressed of the three major issues of our community.

Parents can sometimes find it difficult to with their children about sex. This leaves the responsibility to teachers, guidance counselors and school nurses to teach sex education. Vulnerable teens can benefit from connecting with sources that are outside of the school system as well. Teen Choice Inwood House is a nonprofit community-based organization thatĀ counselsĀ teen in comprehensive factual information about sexual behavior and the risks of unwanted pregnancy and HIV/STDs. They have a staff of experienced social workers to assist teens in obtaining contraceptives either in or nearby school. They also have offices in the schools for individual counselingĀ for those who wish to speak anonymously.

Carrying out multiple approaches to the problem of teen age pregnancy is an area of which community health nurses could be involved to a greater extent. By having a wealth of health knowledge teens could benefit from the nurse’s experience to educate teens by informing them of difficulties of early aged pregnancy and motherhood, side effects of contraceptives andĀ safe sexual practices. Group meetings could be arranged in hospitals, clinics and schools. Mentoring is an important of an adolescents guidanceĀ into adulthood. Good role models set examples for teens to emulate. Our young people are our greatest commodity; this is a very special project and it requires as many community health nurses a possible to be involved.

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  1. I reside in a tightly populated section of Brooklyn, called Midwood. Walking through the streets of Midwood one will notice the heavy traffic on major avenues such as Coney Island Avenue. Coney Island Avenue passes through many different neighborhoods and it is also the route for many bus lines, commercial vehicle traffic, and truck delivery routes. I think traffic and air pollution are some of the problems in this neighborhood. With heavy traffic, you have more air pollution which can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma. There are also many businesses such as repair shops, shopping centers and restaurants which further attracts more traffic. As a nurse I can educate the public on the hazards of air pollution to our environment in which we live, and that can affect our health and that of our families. Also I can educate smokers who are exposed to air pollution and inform them on the increased health risk they can face. I can promote physical health by discussing the benefits of walking to run local errands as an alternative to driving. With less vehicle traffic there will be less pollution, and with people exercising by walking more, this can promote better health.

  2. My neighborhood could also use the education of youth about teen pregnancy, and I agree that more should be done to fully make them realize the outcomes of their actions and what they can do to prevent that.

  3. I definitely understand what youā€™re talking about when it comes to pollution brought on by heavy traffic. I also live close to a busy street known as Eastern parkway, for it is the main street to travel within crown height Brooklyn. It also would be great if a nurse could inform individualā€™s bout the effects of drinking and driving thus creating less accidents on main roads, and promoting better health.

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