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    It amazes me how , no matter how well you may think you know the place where you grew up in , something will always catch you by surprise. When our class went to Williamsburg for the tour trip i was so excited because i said to myself “perfect close to home and i know a lot about the area ” well i was wrong . We first entered Starbucks , i never been there before it was so modern and it was so quiet, it wasn’t what i was used to . It was so spacious and behind the counter there was only two people on staff where as in downtown Brooklyn i was used to seeing more than six people working. We first went to Blue Bottle Coffee. My job is on North 4th so i was used to seeing costumers walk in with a Blue Bottle coffee in their hand , and i wondered where was this place located at?. When we finally went inside i was a little dissapointed of the place. It was small and it wasn’t eye appealing to me. Next we went to Mast Brothers. The place was very spacious and as soon as we walked in the aroma of Chocolate awakened my nostrils. We had the opportunity to try a few chocolates, i was not very pleased with the taste but it was nice to try something different. The prices were fair and they had a variety of chocolates from different countries. The Chocolates had a strong cocoa taste which had a bitter taste at the end. Last but not least we went to the Bedford Cheese Shop. We tried three different types of cheeses that i never tried before . The taste was so rare, my taste buds were trying to figure out whether it tasted like cheese, or spoiled cheese, and it was very windy that day and i was just waiting to go home. Overall my experience was great it was nice to try different foods and also go as a class and learn about different boroughs in New York City.

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