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    I must say this week was the best menu in my opinion. Plus there wasn’t anything I couldn eat lol. The cod fritters with the alioli sauce was a nice combination, I like the moussaka (will try it out at home), and I think everybody commended Clay for the hummus. Tori great job as student chef, everything was organized and ready for service. I am so proud of our class for the wonderful service we pulled off this week in the absence of our leader Chef Stewart. It’s very easy to loose focus without a head but we worked as a team and executed as a team. This is what I would like to see every week from us. We all have the drive and the passion to be great and that was clearly demonstrated on Monday night. We even cleaned up and got out early. It’s been a pleasure to have you all as classmates thus far. Let’s keep the momentum going.



    Pauline we had a lot of fun when we had dinner at the queen of Sheeba and definitely should get together once a month in different places to try new food. It was a real pleasure

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