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    First of all, I would like to apologize to Chef Stewart for upsetting her for not leading the class on the cleaning up parts. I hope everybody had a good time cooking on Monday and I also hope me and Deannie did not do too bad as Chefs of the week. Thank you.



    Zhou, you have nothing to apologize for. We are a group and we work as a group. The whole point of this class is that we learn something every week. Maybe this was the week for learning to work together better and keep our eyes on the big picture. You and Deannie tried your best and both did a good job. You were prepared, you were passionate, and you put your heart into service. Bon appetite.



    We just proudly passed our fourth week. It was French Cuisine week. Our student chefs Deannie and Zhou did a fantastic job. I think there were more items on the menu than previously. They were helpful and knowledgeable about their job. Professor Stewart was naturally great at teaching us about the cooking profession and also its management. I would like to share one thought of mine. Sharing my thought if unknowingly I criticize someone or cause pain or any bad feelings I apologize in advance. Here is my thought: regardless of where we are, at home, or on a job, or at a friend’s house, or anywhere we should always be helpful and look forward to being helpful. When it comes to team work I believe that there is no such thing as: this is not my job, or why should I clean I did not make the mess, etc. I think after we finish our own part we should find out what else needs to be done. After 9:00 pm everybody needs to go to their destination regardless of whether they are tired or not. If we finish the things that need to be done in a helpful way then we could leave on time, and everything could be clean as we go. Please let me know anytime if I could be helpful to anyone.



    Well said Monica. I concur.



    I totally agree with Monica, there is no reason why we cannot get out on time or even early. We are all adults and we all share the blame, Zhou you and Deannie did a great job at leadership, it’s not your fault if people are lazy. Each week is a learning experience and to learn is to grow. Hope we all continue to grow together in this class. Thanks Chef Stewart for your leadership

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